British Columbia Provincial Apprenticeship Accreditation System

Accreditation is a process by which Industry Training Authority evaluates and recognizes training programs as meeting pre-defined standards so that participants may receive credit towards established industry training programs.

Two main purposes of accreditation are to assure students, employers and the public that training programs meet or exceed established standards and to facilitate the granting of credit to prospective trainees who have successfully completed accredited training programs. Accreditation also provides an auditing mechanism independent of the training system, and provides opportunities for the improvement of training and the development of future programs to meet the needs of industry.

To be accredited, a training program should meet the following general criteria:

In British Columbia, public training providers are accredited through the Ministries of Advanced Education and Education and specific programs of non-public training providers are accredited by the Industry Training Authority in cooperation with relevant industry bodies and the Private Career Training Institutions Agency.

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