Ontario Provincial Apprenticeship Accreditation System

The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (Ministry) and its training partners are committed to working together in a spirit of partnership to maintain and expand an apprenticeship system dedicated to developing the highest quality workforce.

The Ontario College of Trades (College) is the regulatory body for trades and apprenticeship governed under the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2009.

In Ontario, The sponsor of a registered training agreement is responsible for assessing the prior workplace-based learning of an apprentice related to the Apprenticeship Training Standard or the Schedule of Training for the approved apprenticeship program to determine what effect, if any, this prior workplace training will have on the time the apprentice named in the registered training agreement spends training in the workplace. The sponsor may recognize competencies and/or time gained with other sponsors or with employers both prior to and during the period of time the training agreement is registered.

The sponsor may determine and approve time credits to recognize the prior trade-related learning and experience applicants bring to their apprenticeships. Time credits reduce the length of on-the-job training required in the training agreement.

Ministry staff may recommend hourly credits for formal schooling completed beyond the minimum level required for entry into the trade’s apprenticeship program, including college and university years.

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